During this free workshop, you will learn:

  • How to Connect the DOTS in Your Relationships. To connect with anyone on a deeper level you must first understand what makes different people react and why. I'll show you the simple tools you can use to reduce conflict and create more love in all of your relationships.
  • The Simplest way to Avoid the BIGGEST Cause of Relationship Failure. Discover the warning signs of what causes most relationships to fail (the biggest mistake you can make) and how to easily avoid this happening to you.
  • The Secret to Creating Better Quality Relationships. In order to be heard and understood in any relationship, you have to understand the unique styles of communication that tell you how people like to be spoken to. I’ll break down each of the 4 styles of communication (the 4 DOTS), and show you 1 simple way you can connect successfully with each of them.
  • Learn How To Transform Any Relationship (personal and professional) so that you can experience more love, less arguments and deeper connections with the people around you. Whether the relationship is new, or you've known this person for years, she'll show you how to break down the barriers that prevent connection with the most important people in your life. 

Melissa Grainger

Founder of Inspire Affect Advanced Communication and Relationship Coach

Melissa has helped thousands of people, teams and businesses transform their relationships by Connecting the DOTS in their Communication. She specialises in helping others become 'people experts' by developing a next-level understanding of human behaviour and advanced communication skills in order to become more successful in their work, home and social lives. She created the business Inspire Affect out of a passion for helping people improve the relationship they have with themselves and others, through their communication, so that they always feel loved.