Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your Team?

Connect The DOTS Team Workshop

Help your team members gain better insight of each other and therefore become much more effective at communicating, empathising and understanding the behaviours of others.

Transform Your Team Culture In Just 1 Day

  • Build Better Working Relationsips 
  • Improve Inter-Personal Communication
  • Transform Customer Service
  • Create A Thriving Company Culture 

How You & Your Team Benefit


Personal Growth Discover your natural communication style (your DOT) and how it colours your conversations with others.  


Improve Communication Understand why people think and act the way they do to instantly connect and communicate with anyone. 


Better Quality Relationships Transform the way you understand and relate to people while creating better quality relationships.

How Your Organisation Benefits


Reduce Conflict Enhance your team’s ability in dealing with ‘challenging people’ by providing clarity around miscommunication.


Boost Productivity Improve communication, efficiency, performance and productivity while growing the strengths of your team.


Enhance Customer Service Give your team the skills to be able to instantly and effectively connect with any customer in a matter of seconds.


This Training Is For Your Team If You Want:

The DOTS Communication team training is an interactive workshop that equips your team with practical skills and tools for instantly connecting and effectively communicating with anyone, no matter how different they are, in one easy workshop. 

  • Break down silos, improve inter-team communication and perfect collaboration,
  • Create an understanding of differences and grow the unique strengths of your team,
  • Foster an environment for high performing teams and people – your workplace culture will thrive!

See What Our Clients Say

"I did the Dots course several years ago and to this day I count that day as one of the best in my (now somewhat lengthy) working life."

- Andy Ellett.

"Best day in a long time. I feel this has been one of the most useful courses I have taken part in."

- Katrina, Interlink Roads.

"This is the most effective and long-lasting team engagement and communication course I have ever been involved with." 

- Glen Hughes, Harrison Grierson.

“Have done similar before and thought this was the most effective. A simple method that was easy for multi-disciplined teams to relate to.” 

- Heath Powderly, Fulton Hogan. 

“Great revelation of oneself and others around you. Highly recommended to further increase communication skills and breaking boundaries with fellow colleagues.”  

- Roderick Hadiwibow, Resolve Group. 

“Extremely informative, skills that immediately transfer to my personal and professional life. Great presenter and content.”  

- Serena Lubrano, AMP. 

“I wish I could have done this workshop 2 or 3 years ago with my then husband. If we could have had some conversations around meeting each other's psychological needs through our communication styles, we may still be together. Awesome day.” 

- Kristy Shearer. 

“A very engaging and informative course that has given our teams tools that will improve their everyday interactions with the team, clients, and suppliers.” 

- Paddy Kirwan, Mouchel (now Kier). 

About Your Investment

The DOTS training combines thousands of hours of practical research, years of experience in human behaviour, and the coaching power of communication experts all rolled into one easy workshop.

If you've looked at communication seminars and other team-building options and struggled to find training that continues to show benefit long term, where your team are still raving about it and using the tools YEARS later, this is a great opportunity to try one that works. 

Our DOTS in-house team workshops have been proven in hundreds of cases within Kiwi and Australian businesses to dramatically improve interpersonal relationships and increase the performance of all levels of participants, from CEO to junior graduates.

Most courses that cover this content start at $997pp and up, but you won't pay anywhere near that with us. We're dedicated to providing quality training in an extremely cost-effective way in order to help provide exceptional value to our clients.

This value-packed team training includes: 

  • Self Discovery - Discover your communication style (your DOTS), what that means and what makes you tick.
  • Advanced Communication Skills - Learn the 4 communication needs you MUST cover in all your conversations to be understood.
  • Relieve Stress and Frustration - Understand what naturally stresses you and how to de-stress more easily.
  • Create Empathy - Uncover what makes people react in different ways and how to relate to others no matter how different they are.
  • Attendees = for teams of 5 - 80 people (large group discounts available)
  • Expert People Skills - Gain an advanced understanding of human behaviour and discover why poeple think and act the way they do.
  • Reduce Conflict - Create harmony and have less arguments with others by gaining tools for dealing with challenging conversations.
  • Unique Advantage - Learn simple ways to instantly determine how someone wants to be spoken to and 'speak their language'.
  • Appreciation - Discover how to speak anyone's 'Love Language' and how to show appreciation in ways others need from you.
  • Location = In-house at your workplace (external venue hire available)

“What if I don't have a team but still want to take this course?”

You don't have to be part of a team to get all the benefits from this awesome communication training. We also work with individuals and couples seeking personal growth and advanced people skills.  

Experience the full DOTS course spread out over a 6 week period, (around 1.5 hours/week online). Gain an in-depth understanding of DOTS which will give you plenty of amazing tools to help you really understand why people think and act the way they do and how to instantly connect with anyone on a deeper level.


About Your Coaches


Melissa Grainger, Inspire Affect

I’m a business owner, an inspirational speaker, communications leader and coach with a passion for helping people in real ways. 

I have seen far too many relationships end, teams fall apart, marriages split and businesses fail, all because of misunderstandings and communication breakdowns. There is a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world as a result of miscommunication, and I want to be part of the solution.

Coming from a background and Degree in Communication, I am highly experienced in the areas of customer service, team engagement and communications. Having been a Senior Communications Manager in a large organisation, I have a real passion for fostering great communication and culture within organisations.

Colin Grainger

I'm a business owner, an advanced communication coach and expert Asset Management consultant.

I have a vision; To teach people the art of effective communication in order to bring about more harmonious business and personal relationships. Too often I have seen the consequences when a challenging conversation has unexpected outcomes when someone assumes, expects or demands something of the other person. I have a solution that has helped thousands of people, teams and businesses transform the way they relate to and communicate with others, and that is the DOTS training.



Watch your team thrive by trying our revolutionary DOTS team-building workshop that will build the strengths of your team and improve organisational culture immediately.


DOTS Team-building Workshop